SkyLink Remote

SkyLink Remote

SkyLink Remote is a solution that is specific to heavy equipment such as skyjacks, scissor-lifts, bobcats & excavators. Equipment maintenance, theft protection and utilization are all aspects of the SkyLink Remote system.

Your heavy equipment will thank you

Some of the features of SkyLink Remote are:

● Alerts and notifications for after-hours usage
● Comprehensive maintenance and service scheduling
● Remote Sensors for PTO and compartments
● Theft recovery & remote starter disable

Manage, maintain & protect

With daily, weekly & monthly notifications and reports you can be on top of all your equipment at all times. With the daily night time heartbeat you can see that everything is where it is supposed to be at the end of the day. With a weekly maintenance report you can plan ahead to make sure that maintenance’s can be scheduled at a convenient time. With the monthly landmark/Geofence report you can easily determine how much work was done at a specific location and by which employees.

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