PLC Remote

PLC Remote

Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) are robust industrial electronic systems used for controlling a wide variety of mechanical systems and applications. They are essentially a mini-computer with a variety of inputs and outputs that can be programmed to turn things on and off as well as sense when things are on or off. They are literally used everywhere in the world.

There are many applications that require remote access to these PLC’s where there is no wired internet available. Remote PLC addresses this problem by providing a reliable & secure connection to your PLC from anywhere in the world.

No Internet

There are many times that connectivity to the PLC is required however an Internet connection is not available for a variety of reasons. Either there simply is no Internet, or the company does not want to give access to their network or it is a short term application and having an Internet drop is not cost effective.


Regardless of where you need to use PLC Remote there is a network that is suitable for connectivity. PLC Remote can easily work in 12V-24V environments.

Static IP Address

Remote PLC units are pre-configured with a Static IP Address that is rout-able. This means that you are able to connect to your PLC right away without having to go through complex network configurations. Our provisioning team can pre-configure your PLC Remote before shipping so that it will literally work right out of the box.


Remote PLC is not limited to just PLC’s any type of device that has an Ethernet connection can be used. Here are a few applications:
•SECURITY: IP cameras, DVR’s/NVR’s, Access Control Systems
•COMMERCIAL: Remote Gate Controls, Intercoms
•RETAIL: Electronic Kiosks, Digital Signage, People Counting Systems
•TRAFFIC: Traffic Monitoring,
•ENVIRONMENTAL: Sensor Monitoring, Water Level Monitoring

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