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Located in Moncton, NB we provide Atlantic Canada, as well as the rest of North America, with real time GPS vehicle tracking with the ability to remote monitor all aspects of your vehicle travel and history as well as MANY other remote monitor services.

Our services give you real time, live tracking of your entire fleet, or your personal vehicle.  The platorm allows you to use GPS vehicle tracking for current and historical data.  The live reports give detailed information about the tracked vehicles driving status, speed, hard driving, etc.  You also have historical data that lays out past routes traveled, maintnence schedules coming due or overdue, as well as hundreds of other reports.
The remote monitor feature of your GPS vehicle tracking allows you to update information, get instant reports of driving information such as speed, location, areas entered, vehicle moving when it shouldn’t be, and much much more.

We make real-time monitoring easy!

With over 30 years of experience in the wireless industry, we take great pride in offering strategic Machine-to-Machine (M2M) solutions that help businesses remotely maintain, remote monitor and control their assets in real-time.


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Providing customer support that is head and shoulders above the rest is something our A-Grade staff possesses exceptional technical and communication skills. We continually invest in staff education and training programs to ensure we are always one step ahead. We promise to continuously strive to remain at the very top of our field.
Our vision is to be the global leader in cutting-edge technology and business intelligence solutions related to Machine-to-Machine and Internet of Things.
We are firm believers that we are accountable for our actions, services, solutions and even our partners. Fantastic products and services are nothing without outstanding support.
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GPS vehicle tracking via remote monitor


A top priority is to ensure everyone is on the same page at all times. We keep the geek talk internally and provide a simple and easy-to-understand breakdown.


We believe information is power. Our goal is to proactively provide our clients with useful information to better understand the core concerns and issues.


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fleet management software
track cars, track trucks, track anything using GPS

Map Dashboard

You are able to view one or a group of units at any time, getting live information on location, running or off, speed and more.
You also have instant information as to the vehicles mileage, battery charge and any alerts.

Key Features

  • Can be accessed on computer, tablet or smart phone
  • Regular or satellite view
  • Instant access to vehicle information

Primary Benefits

  • Instant view of all your vehicles
  • Always know what is running and where
  • Many configurable setting for your ease of use
Geofence landmarks

Geo-Fence (landmarks)

Create your own landmarks.

You can create landmarks (Geo-Fence) at any location you want.  This allows you to track all activity in that area such as vehicle arrival, departure, equipment being used, equipment being used out of business hours, etc.
You can create alerts and reports around almost any type of action you can think of in that geo-fence that you create.  Historical reports will show that specific geofence as you have named it.

Key Features

  • You create any type of area you want.
  • You can combine areas for alerts
  • You can specify alerts for any area

Primary Benefits

  • Know exactly when a unit arrives or leaves
  • Track load times
  • Will work with virtually any situation you require.
track your vehicles history including full trips

Trip History

Easy to create vehicle trip history

This very detailed tril history allows you to select weeks to minutes and replay that trip on the screen, create reports of that specific trip, get details of speed, stops, hard driving, geo-fence arrival or departure, etc.  The details are extensive to allow for any type of reporting or investigative needs you have.

This tool have been invaluable to a number of our clients in many ways.  This has been used for employee rewards, accident investigation, customer information regarding deliveries, etc.  This, combined with the massive reports section can basically answer any questions regarding vehicles, equipment, or any other item you are tracking.

Get real time reports of your fleets activity



You have the control to determine what notifications you want to recieve immediatly, daily, weekly, etc.  Each notification can be sent to one or many specific people.

Get immediate email or text alerts in any way you want.  You can even alert customers of load arrival, time on site, etc.  Your imagination is your guide to the number of ways this can be used.

Key Features

  • You decide on the alerts you want
  • You decide on how to be alerted
  • Screen pop-up, email, SMS

Primary Benefits

  • Critical items are tracked live
  • Theft tracking or unauthorized movement
  • Speeding, hard acceleration, hard braking notifications.
vehicle tracking reports, maintenance reports, and more


Virtually any type of report you can think of.

Any of the data contained in the platform can easily be tranferred into reports which can be used, exported, sent out, etc.
Reports can be scheduled or run on the spot.  Reducing time by getting the report when you need it, each day, week, month.

Key Features

  • You create the schedule of regular reports.
  • You can combine reports for details
  • Several export options to bring the data to your other software applications

Primary Benefits

  • Track mileage, hours of service, idle time
  • Get the details when you need them
  • Reduce time figuring out information – it’s at your fingertips whenever you need it.
GPS tracking maintenance reports tells you when ANY maintenance is due.


Track past and upcoming maintenance

You create any type of maintenance, inspections, license or whatever you want to create.  You can set up to get warnings in advance, and quickly view items coming due or overdue.  A money saving system to keep your vehicle or fleet running effectively with proper maintenance, inspecitons, tags, etc.

No longer guess at when an oil change is due, or when an inspection is due.  Set up maintance by mileage, hours or a combination of either.

program your GPS tracking unit remotely. No need to access the equipment directly

Program remotely

Unlike some other GPS systems, our units can be programmed over the air, so no need to remove the unit.  Allows for any changes needed as your imagination realizes the power of our system.

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